Hometown: Oak Park, California
Alma Mater: BS, Pepperdine University 
Industry: Advertising 
Hobbies: Cars, traveling, skiing, food, dogs, and working out

How did you get involved with Children’s Scholarship Fund and the Young Leaders Board?

I got involved with the Children’s Scholarship Fund while looking for charities through Volunteer Match. After learning more about CSF, I knew this was something I wanted to be a part of, so I reached out to the Young Leaders Board. Upon going to my first event in June 2016, I immediately got involved with the organization. 

Why is education important to you?

Education is fundamentally one of the most important aspects in a children’s progression through childhood and even adulthood. What we give children today [education], directly correlates to our future.   

What is your favorite part of being involved with CSF and the Young Leaders?

My favorite part of being involved with CSF is the fact that we are making a difference in many people’s lives. It is amazing to meet with the students and their parents, to hear just how much CSF has made a difference in not just the children’s lives, but also those of their parents.