Celebrating Back to School Season with CSF Scholars


Schools in New York City kicked off the 2018-19 school year over the past few weeks, and CSF families are still inundating us with cheery photos of children posing proudly with their backpacks and school supplies, ready for the year ahead! Here are just a few of the CSF families we heard from recently:


  • CSF Mom Candice tells us her daughter, Ja’Lissa, was excited to begin second grade at Phyl’s Academy in Brooklyn, adding: ”I just want my daughter to live up to her full potential. She loves school and I believe she will continue her education. Thank you so much. You don’t know the impact and difference you are making in a child’s life.”


  • CSF Mom Beatrice writes from the Bronx: “My daughter used to get picked on a lot at her old school. Once we heard about the scholarship and she was accepted, I transferred her right away (to The Learning Tree Cultural Preparatory School). Her brother joined her in Pre-K and we haven’t turned back. Now both of my kids are in the same school and they love it. We are blessed to have the scholarship.”


  • CSF Mom Marsha shares: “Thank you for your decision to partner with us in my son’s education journey and our family’s quest to turn him into the most productive and accomplished person that he can be.”


  • CSF Mom Monica is relieved her daughter’s first day of Kindergarten at St. Theresa School in the Bronx was such a success: “She felt happy when she recognized some of her friends from Pre-K and realized she had already met her new teacher, also while in Pre-K. It reaffirmed for me that it was a good decision to send her to a school that considers each student as part of a family. Thank you again for helping us make our school of choice affordable!”


  • CSF Scholar Akiva began Kindergarten recently and his mom tells us: “Akiva had a great first day of school. He enjoyed meeting new friends and great teachers. He also learned two new sight words: ‘I’ and ‘Am.’ Thank you for this wonderful scholarship!”


  • The parents of new CSF Scholar Mahveen in Queens write: “Thank you for everything you have done for Mahveen. Because of you, Mahveen got the opportunity to go to Al-Ishan Academy. She learned a lot the very first day, including how to greet someone properly.”


  • CSF Scholar Michael was excited for his first day of Kindergarten at Bay Ridge Christian Academy, and his mom shares: “Fortunately, Michael received this scholarship, which I know will open countless doors of opportunities for him. He is very bright and has great potential. I know that choosing a tuition-based school and paying part of his tuition is a challenge, but it’s definitely worth investing in his future.“


We’re proud and grateful that, thanks to our many generous supporters, Ja’Lissa, Akiva, Mahveen, Michael, and thousands of other children are getting a quality education at schools their parents have chosen so they can flourish and live up to their potential.


For more back to school photos, see our Facebook album. And please join us on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram throughout the year as we continue to highlight CSF Scholars, alumni, and their families!






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