Our Young Leaders will sustain CSF in the coming years. Whether organizing popular fundraising events or volunteer activities with CSF Scholars, they are CSF’s next generation of leaders.
The following individuals currently serve on the Young Leaders Board:

Spotlight on Young Leaders Board Member Priscilla Habeeb Sankar

Hometown:  Baldwin Harbor, NY
Alma Mater:  Pace University
Industry:  Financial Services
Hobbies:  Traveling, cooking different cuisines, reading Caribbean/South Asian non-fiction
Fun Fact: I have a four-year-old Puggle named Prince. Prince is my first pet, ever!
How did you get involved with Children’s Scholarship Fund and the Young Leaders Board?
Over the years, I have been involved in a number of organizations. While researching different organizations, I was looking to make a more impactful contribution to the community. When I stumbled across CSF (via VolunteerMatch), I found the mission to be a perfect intersection of promoting educational values for high-performing, low-income students. Education is a cause that I am very passionate about, specifically for diverse, underprivileged children.
Why is education important to you?
As a daughter of immigrants, I have come to appreciate how families may struggle to provide education to their children in what seems to be a very complicated system. My parents worked tirelessly to provide best-in-class education for me and my brother.  Like many of the CSF students, achieving excellence in education has always been a priority in my household.
What is your favorite part of being involved with CSF and the Young Leaders?
The Young Leaders at CSF are able to get involved at every level of strategic planning. There is no boundary on how we engage with the CSF staff and schools. It is important to understand the field work before championing a cause, and CSF allows their members to do just that!

Get Involved

To get involved with the Young Leaders, contact Jane Lee by email or by phone at (212) 515-7115.
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