CSF Statement on President Trump’s Call for Parental Choice in Education in State of the Union Address

(Tuesday, February 4, 2020, New York) — In his State of the Union Address tonight, the president called for a federal tax credit to increase educational opportunities for families. The Children’s Scholarship Fund (CSF), the only national K-8 privately funded scholarship organization, released the following statement: Statement from Darla M. Romfo, President of the Children’s Scholarship Fund: “We are very grateful that the President prioritized education in his speech and recognized the importance of families being able to choose the best educational environments for their children. Our experience has shown that children thrive when their families are empowered to choose the school that best meets their needs, regardless of their income or zip code. We hope lawmakers can come together in bipartisan agreement on what’s best for our children and empower many more low-income and working families to choose schools that allow their children to flourish and live up to their potential.” About Children’s Scholarship Fund: Founded in 1998 by the late John Walton and Ted Forstmann, Children’s Scholarship Fund (CSF) provides children of low-income families with tuition assistance in grades K-8, and supports expanding educational opportunities for all children. This school year, more than 25,900 low-income children are using scholarships from CSF and CSF’s 20 partner programs operating in 26 cities and regions nationwide to attend schools their parents have chosen so they can flourish and live up to their potential. In New York City, more than 7,200 scholarship recipients attend 251 elementary schools with the help of a CSF scholarship. Since its founding, CSF and its partners have invested $837 million in scholarships for 180,000 deserving children and their families, including 34,500 New York City children. For more information, visit www.scholarshipfund.org.