AEI podcast features interview with CSF’s President on empowering parents with education freedom

This week, CSF President and CEO Darla Romfo was interviewed by Naomi Schaefer Riley and Ian Rowe of AEI on their Are You Kidding Me? podcast, discussing how education savings accounts (ESAs) are changing the face of school choice. Darla also noted how the pandemic has mobilized parents, leading to significant increases in homeschooling and the growth of new microschools and learning pods as more families seek alternatives to traditional neighborhood schools.

Asked about how philanthropists can help empower more families with educational freedom, Darla ended on a hopeful note about the value of helping one child at a time:

“Start with the little things. Do the one right thing. If there’s somebody you can help get a better education, if you can start a small scholarship-granting organization, if you can help 100 kids, if you can help 50 kids, if you can help 10 kids – that’s a big deal. And it multiplies. …The best advertisement is somebody that’s doing it, because somebody else sees them doing it and thinks, ‘I can do it too.’”