Calling for educational reform, Steve Forbes highlights CSF

Steve Forbes discusses the need for better educational options, including scholarships.

As we enter a back to school season like no other, Steve Forbes has joined the growing number of voices calling for better educational options for families. In his What’s Ahead podcast, he notes that charters and organizations like CSF have offered many parents the chance to provide their children with a solid education, but more help is needed, especially now as families and schools face extra challenges due to the pandemic:

“America is supposed to be the land of opportunity. So why should children’s educational opportunities continue to be restricted by their zip codes?

…Real reform would give parents the power, that is, money from government and private sources, to seek better schools if they’re unhappy with what’s offered in their neighborhoods. …One of the things Congress could do is fund what are called Education Freedom Scholarships which allow individuals and businesses to get 100% tax credits for donations to scholarship organizations like the Children’s Scholarship Fund.”