CSF Featured in NY Daily News Op-Ed by Ray Domanico

“Want to help N.Y.’s poor families? Approve tax credits for high-quality private and parochial schooling,” a recent NY Daily News op-ed by Ray Domanico of the Manhattan Institute, featured CSF and included a quote from CSF President Darla M. Romfo. Here’s an excerpt:


Private- and religious-school families face tuition charges, and the choice between free charter and district schools and tuition-charging schools can be difficult for families struggling with a budget. Fortunately, private philanthropy funded by generous community-minded New Yorkers has stepped into the breach.


In its 20 years of operation, the Children’s Scholarship Fund has provided over $789 million in partial scholarships to over 174,000 private-school students nationwide. In New York City, the fund has supported 33,000 students with $236 million in scholarships. Currently, 7,800 students are attending private schools in New York City with assistance from the fund. Their average family income is less than $35,000 per year.


Two aspects of the fund’s program are critical to its success. First, while all scholarship recipients are in economic need, the fund requires that their families cover a minimum of 25% of the tuition amount. This affirms that parents are full partners in their children’s education. Schools also help fill the gap by providing financial aid from sources other than the fund.


Second, the CSF assures quality education by screening participating schools to make sure that they give students the highest academic preparation for high school and eventually college. As CSF President Darla Romfo explains, “Fundamentally, we trust that parents are in the best position to choose the right school or other educational option for their children. And if parents are empowered with information and money, they will make the best choices for their child.”

Read the full article on the Daily News website.



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