CSF Parent Survey: Families share their hopes and concerns

When CSF surveyed its NYC families from May to July this year, we found the vast majority of parents desperately want their children to return to their schools in a few weeks so they can learn in the nurturing environments that have become like second homes to them.

CSF participating schools report they are eagerly preparing for their students’ return, and doing everything they can to ensure they are following CDC health and safety guidelines – even on their limited budgets. We hope it will be possible for schools to safely welcome families back once again.  As one CSF parent puts it, “I would just like to get back to whatever the new normal may be. My kids miss being at school.”

Among the survey findings:

  • Nearly 92.9 percent of CSF families indicate they want their children to return to their current private school or another private school this fall,
  • Yet 76.6 percent say they will need additional help to keep their children enrolled.
  • Parents report tuition is their second highest economic concern, right after rent/mortgage and ahead of groceries and other expenses, underscoring how much they value their children’s education.
  • An overwhelming majority of CSF parents – 96.6 percent – feel they would not be able to afford private school tuition or they were “not sure” if they could without a CSF scholarship, which is not surprising considering
  • Four out of five families (80.6 percent) report they have lost income as a result of Covid-19, evenly split between job losses (41.3 percent) and reduced hours (39.3 percent), 
  • And 88 percent of parents rate their school’s handling of remote learning this spring A or B, providing some reassurance if schools are forced to return to distance learning again.

You can read the full parent survey report on our website.