CSF Parents Travel to State Capitol for School Choice Week Celebration

School choice advocates and parents visited lawmakers as part of National School Choice Week on Tuesday, Jan. 24, 2023, at the New York State Capitol and Legislative Office Building in Albany, N.Y. Photo credit: Cindy Schultz for School Choice Week.

This Tuesday, a group of CSF parents travelled from New York City to Albany to celebrate School Choice Week, joining forces with parents from across the state to share their stories with elected officials and raise awareness of the need for greater educational freedom for all New York children. 

The parents met with State Senators, Assembly Members, and a representative from the Governor’s office, soaking up some history and civics lessons along the way! 

Pearlina Huggins, whose children are CSF Scholars at New Grace Education Center in Brooklyn, was part of a group who met with NY Senator Leroy Comrie. She said, “I just love the fact that we were able to sit down at the Senator’s table to converse on why we chose our schools. It was good to see parents from different schools collaborating together to voice our opinions about why we should have a choice.”

“It was a wonderful experience,” CSF Mom Elba Torres of the Bronx told us. “You have different parents from all over, but in the end we are all looking for the best possible education for our kids.” 

With the support of the National School Choice Awareness Foundation, a strong coalition of groups organized and participated in the event, including: Children’s Scholarship Fund; New York Charter Schools Association; Families for NYC; the Empire Center for Public Policy; National Parents Union, and CSF’s Buffalo partner, BISON Children’s Scholarship Fund.

Find more photos from the celebration on CSF’s Facebook page.

A group of CSF New York parents (from l-r: Alicia Robayo, Torrey Encarncacion, Patricia Saintelus, Pearlina Huggins, and Altagracia Perez-Fulgencio) and Natasha Cherry-Perez of the New York Charter School Association met with NY Senator Leroy Comrie of Queens (14th Senate District) to discuss the need for greater school choice for New York families.