CSF President Darla Romfo calls for greater educational freedom in Daily News op-ed

CSF President Darla Romfo met with A.B. Whitfield, co-founder of Brooklyn’s Trey Whitfield School (TWS), and several CSF Scholars and their parents on a recent visit. TWS is one of several schools highlighted in Darla’s Daily News opinion piece.

In today’s New York Daily News, an op-ed by CSF President and CEO Darla Romfo, “Let parents choose their kids’ schools,” spotlights the often-overlooked diversity of the private schools CSF Scholars attend and calls on our leaders to make schools like these accessible to more families through school choice.

The piece concludes: “The schools referenced here and hundreds of others like them in every corner of the city should be an option for many more children. This is National School Choice Week, so hopefully, greater awareness that these schools exist will lead to greater support for school choice in the Big Apple from our leaders who can make it happen. Perhaps things would change if the taxpayers who fund government-run schools realized how many other learning options would suddenly become available to the thousands of children trapped in underperforming schools if we shifted from funding systems to funding children.”

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