CSF President Darla Romfo: We need education freedom to combat learning loss and achievement gaps

Click above to watch CSF President Darla Romfo on Cavuto Coast to Coast.

Speaking with Edward Lawrence on Cavuto Coast to Coast last week, CSF President Darla Romfo discussed how Covid school closures continue to have negative effects on children’s learning, following a recent report that finds pandemic learning loss will lead to reduced lifetime earnings. She called for more school choice as a way to narrow achievement gaps and empower parents to take charge of their children’s education:

“Covid pulled back the curtain and showed everyone how bad it is. And it’s not a problem of money. It’s a problem of a flawed system. We fund a system; we don’t fund the children.”

Darla also appeared on Fox Business Tonight on Friday. Speaking with David Asman about the growing support for educational freedom, Darla said, “2023 could definitely be a year of a lot of good news in school choice, education freedom, and parent empowerment.”

Watch the Fox Business Tonight interview here and the Cavuto Coast to Coast interview here.