CSF President interviewed on AEI podcast and Chicago radio

This week, CSF President Darla Romfo appeared with Naomi Schaefer Riley and Ian Howe of AEI on their Are You Kidding Me? podcast, discussing how CSF families have fared during the pandemic, and the challenges their schools face as the new school year approaches. She called for more equitable relief funding for tuition-based schools and the families they serve, saying, “I hope this is an opportunity to rethink these old ways of thinking about school choice. These are all our kids, they were all affected by this shutdown!”

Darla also spoke about the budget crunch faced by both CSF families and their schools on Chicago’s Morning Answer radio show, As she noted, 80 percent of CSF families in New York have been hurt financially, split evenly between those who lost their jobs and those whose hours have been reduced. At the same time, families reported extremely high levels of satisfaction with how their schools transitioned to remote learning.