CSF President tells Fox & Friends that parents are the first educators of their children

CSF President Darla Romfo discussed education freedom on Fox & Friends this morning.
CSF President Darla Romfo appeared on Fox & Friends this morning, discussing the need for education freedom for parents who want alternatives for their children.

Speaking with co-host Ainsley Earhardt, Darla emphasized the role of parents as the first educators of their children and called for rethinking the status quo: 

“We all pay taxes and the only option is for parents to send their children to a government-run school with those tax dollars. We need to get to a system that’s transparent, that’s accountable to parents, that gets back to the academics.”

Darla also discussed how Children’s Scholarship Fund works hand in hand with families who make significant investments in their children’s education:

“We also come alongside the family. The family pays part of it. I have been astonished over the last twenty years of doing this job at how grateful parents are, even though they have to pay a good percentage of their own income towards the tuition. They’re so grateful for an option for their children other than what they’ve been assigned to through the government system.”

Watch the full interview here.