CSF Scholars Abigail and Angelie Are Ready for the New School Year

CSF Scholars Angelie and Abigail with their mom, Kathia, outside St. Athanasius School in the Bronx.

When the Covid-19 pandemic struck, it brought new challenges for Kathia Urbina and her family. Both Kathia and her husband lost their jobs during the initial lockdown. Their older daughter Abigail, who has been a CSF Scholar at St. Athanasius School in the Bronx since Kindergarten, was forced to switch to remote learning.

Kathia was delighted when St. Athanasius reopened for in-person learning last September and Abigail – a bookworm who’s read all the Harry Potter books and wants to become a doctor when she grows up
–was really happy to return to school.

“If there were cases in the school, they managed everything very well despite it being a new situation for everyone,” she added.

However, while unemployed, the family fell behind on their portion of Abigail’s tuition, and Kathia was concerned about keeping her enrolled.

Things began looking up in December, when Kathia found out that a large portion of their outstanding tuition balance was being paid through CSF’s Stay in School Fund. Today, the outlook for Abigail’s family is even better. Kathia’s husband has found a new job and Abigail is thrilled to be starting sixth grade. This year, her younger sister, Angelie, is joining her at St. Athanasius as a new CSF Kindergartner.

“Thank you very much for your contributions to parents who, like us, do not have the resources to provide the best education by ourselves, but are fortunate to be able to do so with your contribution. We will always be grateful,” Kathia told us.