CSF Young Leaders Share College and Career Advice with CSF Alumni

CSF Young Leaders Board members (back row) advised CSF alumni on college and careers at St. Jean Baptiste High School last week.


This past week, CSF Young Leaders Board members met with CSF alumni at St. Jean Baptiste High School, advising the students on college and career paths, and sharing from their own experiences.


CSF alumni and Young Leaders Board members mingled as the event kicked off.


Ninth, tenth, and eleventh graders enjoyed some pizza while chatting with the Young Leaders as the event kicked off. Then, the girls watched the panel of Young Leaders introduce themselves with some background on the colleges they attended and the industries they work in now.


The girls had plenty of questions for the Young Leaders regarding their workplaces and daily schedules, and some of the teens really drilled down in their questioning! For example, one marketing professional who mentioned Coca-Cola was one of his firm’s clients was asked, “So, what really is the difference between Coke and Pepsi?”


CSF Young Leaders Board members introduced themselves and shared details about their college and career backgrounds.


After the panel, students broke up into small groups and met with pairs of Young Leaders for more in-depth discussions where they were free to bring up questions and concerns about the college application process, college life, and moving into the job market. The students were still happily chatting away at the end of the evening, and many made plans to contact their new advisers by email for follow-up questions.


After the panel, the alumni broke into groups for more in-depth discussions with CSF Young Leaders Board members.


We are very grateful to all the members of CSF’s Young Leaders Board who volunteered their time at the event. Thank you also to Flora Lugo and all at St. Jean Baptiste High School who made the evening possible. We look forward to offering many more networking opportunities for our alumni.


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