Donor Spotlight: Teen Tutors of Goshen

High school students Jolina Dong and Kiara Paulino recently formed a tutoring business, Teen Tutors of Goshen, to help K-8 students in need of extra academic support amid the pandemic – and they are donating 20 percent of what they make to Children’s Scholarship Fund.

The girls always planned to save some of their earnings for college, but were inspired to donate a portion to charity because, as Jolina told us, “some people need the help more than we do right now.” After researching education charities, they landed on CSF as the right place to invest their profits.

“What I’ve come to learn is that not every public school has what’s the best fit for every kid. So if there’s a student who isn’t [having] his or her needs met, they should be put in an environment that fits them well,” Kiara shared.

“I think it’s amazing that you’re helping so many kids,” Jolina added. “With education, you get a good job and can live a happy lifestyle. So I love what the organization does and we hope we can keep helping it.”

Special thanks to Jolina, Kiara, and their fellow teen tutors for not only helping the students they’re tutoring, but for paying it forward to help even more children get a better education!

Click above to hear Jolina Dong and Kiara Paulino explain why they deccided to donate a percentage of the earnings of their new tutoring business to Children’s Scholarship Fund.