DonorsTrust podcast features interview with CSF President Darla Romfo

This week, CSF President and CEO Darla Romfo was interviewed by Peter Lipsett on DonorsTrust’s Giving Ventures podcast, discussing how CSF has evolved from offering privately-funded scholarships to running New Hampshire’s Education Freedom Account program and serving as a connector and catalyst for other scholarship-granting organizations and educational choice allies.

Throughout the interview, Darla emphasized CSF’s focus on treating parents as our customers and honoring their role as their children’s first educators, noting “Parents have to be owners. That’s important at so many levels – the cultural level, the quality of education level, forming the family, strengthening the family. All these things come together to help do that.”

The episode also features interviews with Norton Rainey, CEO of CSF partner, ACE Scholarships, and Carol Liebau, President of Connecticut’s Yankee Institute. 

We’re grateful to DonorsTrust for highlighting Children’s Scholarship Fund on its podcast, and also for the work it does introducing donors to groups helping children to get a better education and other worthy causes. To learn more about DonorsTrust and how it assists individuals with their philanthropic giving, please visit their website