Highlights from CSF’s Palm Beach event

Last week, Children’s Scholarship Fund (CSF) hosted an event in Palm Beach, Florida at the home of CSF Board Member Remy Trafelet and his wife, Missy. It was a lovely opportunity to introduce CSF’s work to a wider audience.

For 25 years, CSF has been providing scholarships so that low-income children can attend a better school. CSF Co-Chair Margot McGinness reminded us of the original vision of CSF Co-Founders Ted Forstmann and John Walton, “The premise was that if you give parents a choice, you actually give children a chance, and I think what we’ve heard tonight is that if you give them a chance and a choice, then they really can thrive.” Hearing the compelling life stories from scholarship alumni Jacob Idra and Hera Varmah made Ted and John’s vision come alive.

Ideas have power and we are very grateful to Dan Henninger for the work he has done at The Wall Street Journal, which, as he noted, has published more than 600 editorials about school choice over the past four decades. CSF is honored to have been the focus of several of these pieces. Dan praised the great strides made with the recent passage of universal education savings accounts in Florida, Iowa, Utah, and Arkansas, while reminding us that the work continues.
Below are some pictures from the event as well as a video which expands on some of the things Remy spoke about that originally attracted him to Children’s Scholarship Fund. We hope you enjoy watching!

Watch the video above to learn how Children’s Scholarship Fund empowers families to choose the K-12 schools that best meet their children’s needs.