Kate Baker Named to Head Children’s Scholarship Fund’s New Hampshire Office

Granite State businesses have an exciting role to play in improving educational opportunities for New Hampshire’s children in 2016. The Children’s Scholarship Fund (CSF) recently announced it has hired Kate Baker to head its New Hampshire operations, and Kathy Lauer Rago to serve as Program Manager, effective January 1st. Upon receiving all necessary state approvals, CSF will administer Education Tax Credit scholarships formerly managed by the Network for Educational Opportunity (NEO).

Kate and Kathy are currently the Executive Director and Program Manager of NEO, a scholarship organization serving families statewide which has awarded more than $300,000 in scholarships to 243 New Hampshire students in the past three years. In their new roles, Kate and Kathy will continue to work with New Hampshire businesses, schools, and families to fund scholarships that allow low and moderate-income children statewide to attend the K-12 schools that best meet their needs, including private schools, out-of-district public schools, and homeschools.

CSF is a national organization with a network of partner programs, each providing scholarships that empower parents to choose schools they otherwise could not afford. Since its inception in 1998, CSF has awarded more than $654 million in scholarships to the families of 152,000 low-income children. For more information on CSF, visit www.scholarshipfund.org.

“Children’s Scholarship Fund welcomes our New Hampshire partner to the CSF network and looks forward to giving expanded educational opportunities to many more New Hampshire families,” said CSF President Darla M. Romfo.

“We look forward to giving businesses the opportunity to directly help New Hampshire students get the K-12 education they need through the New Hampshire Education Tax Credit and to having an increased impact as part of Children’s Scholarship Fund,” said Kate Baker.

To learn more about the NH Education Tax Credit and Children’s Scholarship Fund in New Hampshire, contact Kate Baker at (603) 785-0174 or kbaker@scholarshipfund.org or visit www.csfnewhampshire.org.