Hometown: River Vale, New Jersey
Alma Mater:  New York University (MBA), University of Maryland (Undergraduate)
Industry: Consumer Packaged Goods / Prestige Beauty
Hobbies: Working out, Running, Softball, Piano.


How did you get involved with Children’s Scholarship Fund and the Young Leaders Board?

I was very interested in getting involved with a non-profit junior board that supported growth, learning, and opportunity.


When I found the Young Leaders Board, it seemed like a perfect match. I was especially impressed with the family partial-tuition payments, which ensured that both the parents and fund were aligned to see their children succeed in the program.


What do you hope to learn or gain from being a YL Member?

I hope to be a hands-on member of the YL Board, who will be able to interact with the children affected by the program, while also serving to help fundraise, increase awareness, and assist with the YL Board’s governance.


I hope to expand my network and work closely with other YL Board members to increase the reach and awareness of the YL Board and CSF. I believe that, although it’s a junior board, there is still a tremendous impact that we can have within the organization. I hope to learn from and with others to be able to deliver and fulfill our goals for the organization.


Why is education important to you? 

Education is so important to me because it is the basis of opportunity, learning, and thinking about things differently. It provides a broader view of people, the world, and the opportunities that anybody can impact it at large. I am always trying to learn something new, or outside of my comfort zone, as I know that learning something new can change my interactions. Engaging in your education is the most valuable thing that somebody can do, as it cultivates who you are and can become as a person.