Hometown: Richmond, VA
Alma Mater: Georgetown University Law Center, J.D.; Virginia Tech, B.S. in finance.
Industry: Transactional/Corporate Law
Hobbies: Reading non-fiction, running, writing, speaking.
Fun Fact: I was named Reco because my older cousin took the name my mom originally planned for me. I’m really happy about that because I love my name as is.
Why is education important to you: Education is one of life’s fundamentals, more so than the cities we live in, the careers we aspire to, and the laws we’re governed by—none of which would be possible without education. Education is not limited to the young, the old, or anyone along the spectrum, but instead, it is a life long process where we each have a turn to be the student, the teacher, or both simultaneously. With education being so crucial to a functioning society, innovation, and human preservation, access to the very best forms of education should be readily available to all that seek it. The opportunity to educate oneself, and to provide access to education for those that come after us, is one of the greatest investments one can make on behalf of the generations to come.