School choice is “one of the most hopeful things happening in our country”

On The Evening Edit  this week, host David Asman and CSF President Darla Romfo discussed a recent New York Times editorial about the “startling” evidence of learning loss during the Covid pandemic. Darla addressed how school closures have resulted in a groundswell of support and parental demand for school choice, offering hope to children and families:

“Parents have come alive, and across the states there’s now a multitude of states that have school choice programs. …Many states have universal school choice, so parents all across all income levels, if they don’t like what’s happening in their school, the dollars follow the child. The parent can take the child and put them into a school or a learning situation. And, by the way, it doesn’t even have to be a school. It might be a microschool, They might homeschool. They might go to a pod or some other kind of common association. We’ve seen that we can do this differently….There’s a lot of activity and movement and hope in the area of school choice, which is one of the most hopeful things happening in our country and, actually, in the world if you ask me.”